Wild West

A collaboration, Suky Best & Rory Hamilton

5 videos,
16 prints

Artists, Suky Best and Rory Hamilton have been collaborating on works exploring cowboy myths for the past twelve months within western films. They have been investigating themes of heroism, romance, loneliness, drama and excitement. The work that has come out of this collaboration has a strong aesthetic flavour; it is hand worked, yet graphically clean. It uses strong stereotypes; while exposing their banality and frailty. Flat clear silhouettes replace the dusty blur of the wild west.

In these works only the hero or his companion (be they horse, tracker or love interest) are transcribed onto the finished image. All extraneous detail is removed. When a cowboy ties up a horse and walks into a building, the horse and rider are boldly drawn; any building only exists in negative when the rider walks behind a column. He defines the world around him.

two extracts:

Stranger in Town (short extract)

Train Hold-up (short extract)

Train hold-up can also be seen here:www.tate.org.uk

Prints, 30 x40 cms lysonic inkjet with vinyl

Cowboy Scene #3

Cowboy Scene #21
Cowboy Scene #9
Cowboy Scene #12
installation in Middlebourgh part of MIMA offsite programme 2005
installation at Danielle Arnaud
installation at Danielle Arnaud
Wild West banners, The Projection Room, County Hall, Dun Laoghaire, Eire