At Betty’s House

At Betty’s House (short extract) 5 mins looping 16:9 HD with sound
to see complete video please contact the artist.

A flythough animation made from still images of interiors of stately homes, and the Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House. Made as a continuous loop, so a viewer remains inside the space. It can be viewed from any point in the loop.

Rooms lead on from and to other implausible spaces. Objects appear and disappear, we change scale in relation to the objects as we move through them and the rooms and all the while we are accompanied by the sound of our own footsteps. There are other sounds that punctuate the space, implying that we are not the only occupants in this house.
This piece refers to the interior spaces of computer games and their first person point of view. Made initially as a response to theoretical reading around what is currently being called neo-baroque, it soon became clear that this piece was in fact a response to memories of visiting Betty Pinny.

Installation View Fieldwork 2, at Paper Tiger