The Sea House

The Sea House
7 min looping animation with sound

A collaged animation of historic interiors and live footage of the sea. Made in black and white, the elements have been put together roughly to make their construction and the clash of imagery obvious. The images fit, but not quite.
The black screen with a moving slit, reveals small areas of the interior making the viewer focus on details that might otherwise be overlooked. The interiors are seen as fragments, but heard in their entirety, both excluding us from the space and making it more alluring. The slit is like the beam of a lighthouse moving at the same speed.
Each room has its own sea, with its own sound and atmosphere.

Puzzle Pieces

Painted Puzzle Pieces

Kittens on a Fence

Cottage Row (Wiltshire)

April Cottage

Cottage in Bloom

The Old Forge

Made from generic jigsaw puzzles of scenes of rural England, each has been partially painted black.
The black becomes an actual presence that invades the image, implying a new meaning to the origional image.