The Park in Winter

Commissioned by Arts Council England as their online Christmas card 2008.
A short black and white animation showing scenes from Kensington Gardens, hand drawn with sound.


Rodeo, a series of projected video pieces and large scale screen prints.
Made as a collaboration with Rory Hamilton.

3 short repeating animations

Yellow Rodeo 2 minutes 37 seconds looped

Blue Rodeo I minute 47 seconds looped

Red Rodeo 2 minutes 44 seconds looped

Rodeo features the rider of bull or horse in vibrant colour. The animations are red, yellow and blue, primary colours to show a primal sport. The power and emotion of the struggle between man and beast is heightened by the strong bold visuals. Also, in keeping with filmic depictions of rodeo, the animation either takes place in powerful, elegant slow motion or frantic real time. 8 seconds is the amount of time a bull rider must stay on to achieve a score. Each animation is projected and repeats endlessly, the seemingly monotonous actions interspersed by the buzzer marking the beginning and end of a ride.

Rodeo is a fast and intense competition between rider and animal. Bulls compete with their aspiring riders over and over in different venues, with bulls having equal star billing. These characters can be seen as an extension of celebrity culture creating equality between man and animal.

In both the video and printed work only the central characters of rider and bull are depicted all other characters and forms are removed; they define the world around them. The animations are meticulously hand drawn frame by frame then re assembled to make moving video. The riders merge with the animals to briefly become creatures of legend before separating into pools of colour on the ground. The sparse animation style gives little clue as to scale and perspective, at times disorientating the viewer in the visual space.

5 Large Screen prints
150 x100 cms

Rodeo #1
Rodeo #2
Rodeo #3
Rodeo #4
Rodeo #5
installation view print from Rodeo at Danielle Arnaud, London 2008
Higlanes Gallery, Drogheda, Ireland 2009

Early Birds

still image from Early Birds

The film Early Birds can be seen at

An accompanying essay by Roy Exley

An interview with Suky Best on the making of early birds

Early Birds at the Natural History Museum

Installation of Early Birds at the Natural History Museum 2013 in Extinction, not the end of the world?

still image from Early Birds

A hand-drawn rotoscoped animation from wildlife footage, showing garden birds in silhouette against flat colour backgrounds that subtly change, signifying the coming of the dawn. Featuring interviews with people talking of their memories and experiences of the dawn chorus contrasted with their experience of it today. The soundtrack also features birdsong from common UK garden birds. The film is intended to make us look anew at a daily occurrence and the wild animals we encounter on a daily basis.
Technical information
Hand drawn frame by frame over existing documentary footage of garden birds. The drawings show only the birds in silhouette, all other detail is removed. Made in Photoshop and assembled in After Effects and Premiere software. The sound was made separately from live recordings, interviews and library recordings of bird song.