The Time For Talking is Over

detail from Narrative #14

This work has two contrasting scales. The large print, Angels, a group of three figures look away from us; the smallscale works, the small strip like narratives taking place on the earth below.

All the work has been made from details in holiday postcards.

We assume that separate images in a strip denotes a narrative; like a strip of movie film, time has passed from one end to the other. These stories make something out of nothing. What is included or excluded infers meaning. These tiny events are events about to happen, or have just happened but their meaning isn’t clear. The passing of time is implied, but it might be a tiny part of a second.

detail from Narrative #22
detail from Narrative #26
detail from Narrative #40
detail from Narrative #53

Moment of Impact

Looking to the North

This work refers to the artifice of representation and blatantly shows the printing dot of mass produced photographic imagery. The printing dots (the visual filter of the twentieth century) are made so huge they almost make the work at close quarters unreadable.

Man imposes artificial systems on the planet in order to control and dominate. Man has a primeval fear of nature, the smallest plant will eventually crack concrete. We have had to devise systems for controlling the planet. The map grid define the earth as bisected by invisible lines, each identifiable by co-ordinates.

Surveillance systems observe to control. Developed from the military, observational tracking systems are used in target locating, for missiles. The grids show stills from video footage of the landscape and extend a moment of looking, a milli-second made visible.

Walking Meditation

Summer Hedge

55 prints hung in a giant grid made over the course of a year. Each print shows a few seconds from a walk made in the area. The work was made in and around Cleeve Abbey, a ruined Thirteenth Century Cistercian monastery and was made specifically for the huge upstairs refectory room where all the monks would ea together watched over by wooden carved angels. The monastery is sparsely decorated with carved details of nature. The intention of the work was to look at the details of nature in a similar way to that already existing in the abbey; and to try to make work that was timeless and reflected the cyclical nature of prayer and repetition that life within the monastery would have been like.

Installation, the refectory, Cleeve Abbey
Winter Crow
Apple Blossom