Software Training

Suky Best has taught software since 1996 at Central St Martins, and until a few years ago at The Royal College of Art. She has also designed and delivered bespoke courses to small groups, and individuals privately and at many other colleges and organisations. She teaches Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to an advanced level, In-design, After Effects and Premier to an intermediate level.
As well as being very knowledgeable, Suky is an experienced, intuitive and responsive educator and will adapt and change her teaching as needed. She teaches and works with patterns and repeated patterns and their commercial application and preparation. Suky trains retouchers for advanced techniques for a variety of retouching applications. She can teach one-to-one online and face to face.
Over the years her software knowledge has changed and adapted as software has evolved and for differing commercial needs. For many years she worked within print using Quark Xpress and was an early website designer hand-writing html code.

Training includes:

Plan and deliver one to one training online or any location.
Plan and deliver online one to one training or to small groups.
Courses customised for people who dont have the time to attend conventional software training.
Topics are tailored to the needs and requirement of the individual.
Sessions have included:
Pattern repeats for fashion design professionals
Illustrator for data visualisation professionals
Retouching for working photographers
Retouching for art directors
Pattern distortion/preperation for engineered prints within fashion

Icons for data visualisation professionals

Clients have included some of those listed below:
NATS (National Air Traffic Service)
Training personnel from the digital department Photoshop/Illustrator for web applications

The British Museum
Workshops for accurate colour for print/customising print spaces/predictable colour best
practices for product Design Department

Juliana Jones
Debbie Loftus
Gemma Street
Bettina Von Zwehl
Art Department team Woldingham School
and many others

V&A short filmmaking workshop 2012

Serpentine Gallery computer animation/flipbook weeklong workshop with a signing interpreter for deaf teenagers

Fashion Designers
Textile and Ceramic Designers
Information graphic Designers (One of the director/founders at

CV of training 1996 – to present
Short Course lecturer.

Design and deliver short courses to professionals. Each course, runs several times per term

Maximum Photoshop,
Weeklong Course, that teaches students to use Adobe Photoshop and make best use of the software whatever the final output might be print or screen. Starting with the basics, this course runs through as much of the software as possible.

Computers and Graphic Design
Month long Summer School, which combines a thorough grounding in all the software commonly used by graphic designers, screen and print based, together with project-based tuition which focuses on the visual content of the work.

Applied Surface Design using Adobe illustrator and Photoshop
This two-day course covers how to make seamless repeats in Illustrator and Photoshop and prepare them for professional print, generally aimed at textile/fashion professionals

Essential Illustrator
This two-day course covers how to approach working with vectors and covers most of the basic tools and techniques necessary to work with this software.

Advanced Retouching using Adobe Photoshop
This two-day course covers all the retouching tools in Photoshop in depth as well as advanced masking techniques and selection techniques

Maximum Illustrator
Weeklong Course, that teaches students to use Adobe Illustrator and make best use of the software whatever the final output might be. Starting with the basics, this course runs through as much of the software as possible.